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Our boys soccer teams went to the Kildare Blitz today in Kilcullen Community Centre. Our A team reached the quarter-finals but unfortunately got knocked out by another team and our B team also got knocked out in the first round. They should keep practising and we will go again and try our best next year! Our girls soccer teams also went to a Kildare Blitz about a week ago in Kilcullen. The A team got through to the next round but the B team narrowly got knocked out.

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Aquaponics is a science project by two sixth class pupils. It won most innovative idea (most creative) at the Intel mini scientist grand final!

Aquaponics is a mix between growing plants and raising fish. The fish produce waste which then feeds the plants and boosting their growth. People usually have to change fish tank water due to the fish waste but with aquaponics that is not the case as the plants take all the harmful chemicals and gases out of the water.

Our school is having a large tank built for a new aquaponics system which will be used to harvest plants for the cooking classes, educate children and expand the project. Our tank will be the third in Europe to have an illusion to make it look as if the plants are floating in the air and not actually on the water.

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About Our School

Our school is on the road to Kerdiffstown. We have 24 classes and over 700 students. Our principal’s name is Mr. Lanigan. We have a Green Flag and are working towards an Active Schools’ Flag.

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Welcome to our school blog! The students from the ICT (Information Communication Technology) club at Sallins NS have decided to make our own blog. We will be blogging about school events and much much more. Keep an eye out for regular posts and remember that all positive comments are welcome!

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