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AoSME Step 5: STEM Showcase

Our school got an award for our excellence in science.

Have a look at our STEM Showcase on our school website here.

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Vehicle Building



Our group name was “The Hover Heads”.

Our task was to build a vehicle that could move 60 cm across a desk using either balloons or sails as power. First, we had to draw up a plan. We decided to make  a hovercraft using balloons. We got the materials, and then we started to build it. We used 2 balloons, an empty tub of butter, a CD, scissors, elastic bands and blue-tack. 2 of us blew up the balloons, and the other 2 built it. We had lots  of fun building it, and that’s the main thing.


Our School website: 

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U13 Boys Hurling Group Match

Yesterday, the Boys’ Under 13 Hurling Team played their 3rd match against Rathmore N.S. From the start both teams were strong, with little points being scored. Then Sallins scored the opening goal to put their team ahead by one goal and two points. Before half time Sallins and Rathmore both traded points making the half-time score 1-3 to 0-1 in Sallins’ favour. 

In the second half, Rathmore started strong scoring two goals and a point. Sallins woke up and scored a point of their own. Rathmore scored another goal bringing the scores even closer. Sallins scored a goal, edging them ahead. They then pushed on and scored another goal and two points. Rathmore scored their third goal of the match, only for Sallins to counter attack and scored a goal and a further three points. That is how it ended, with the scoreline 5-9 to 4-2 in Sallins’ favour, meaning Sallins had won, but the main thing was that we had a good time.

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ICT Club Perfect Posts

This week at ICT club, we did a Perfect Posts Activity, which is where we get a paragraph, and we had to correct all the spelling mistakes and punctuation marks. Here are some pictures of us doing this activity.

IMG_2378 IMG_2376 IMG_2375 IMG_2374 IMG_2373 IMG_2372 IMG_2371

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We got to play tennis on Thursday. The Tennis coach’s name was Darren. We played lots of fun games. We started off by doing a warm up game, where each class was divided up into 6 groups of 5. Group 1 and 2 took turns hitting the ball at each other. Groups 3-6 repeated the same, with group 3 and 4 together and group 5 and 6 together. Each time a person from a group missed, the other people from the group took their turn, and this was repeated until our time was up for that game.


The second game was called “FireBall”.

We all lined up in a line, and the coach (Darren) hit the tennis balls at us. Darren would either say “Jump” or “Duck”. And we had to either jump over the ball or duck under it. It was really fun, even though it was hard to dodge them.

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