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6th Class Maths – Ratio (22.03.19)

This week Mr. Kennedy’s 6th class focused on  a topic called “Ratio” in maths.
In maths Ratio is a way of showing the similarities between quantities of something. We learned how to simplify a Ratio by dividing both parts by the same number. We were given baskets of different items such as lollipop sticks, cubes, counters and cards.
E.G. The ratio of apples: oranges is 4:6.
Divide both numbers by 2.


/               \

÷2                 ÷2
\               /

By: Róisín.M, Séarlait.O’C, Kalvin.C and Jessica.K.










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Baby Lambs Visit the School

The Junior Infants and Senior Infants were delighted this week to see four baby lambs and their two mother ewes come to visit them in the school yard.

Farmer Brian was very impressed with how good the children were and how gentle they were with the animals. He let them pet the baby lambs too, who were only three days old.

Great excitement was had by all!

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