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Friday Morning Room 18: We had a GAME of LIFE to finish!

on December 2, 2018

We met today, FRIDAY, to finish the GAME OF LIFE we started last week.

We looked at the blog pictures from last Friday.

We were able to set the game up with all the cards we each had last week….

Cillian reached 10 Stars first!

Luca definitely helped him along the way giving Cillian the BONUS star for the great birthday party idea! Good Sport Luca! Finn and Luke were neck and neck racing towards the end…..

Well done everyone. Fair play and Good Sports!

Keep watching the BLOG and see how we are getting on!


One Response to “Friday Morning Room 18: We had a GAME of LIFE to finish!”

  1. Anna Schomakers says:

    Thank you Mrs McNamara for this blog and all the information.
    Of course, we’ll keep watching this blog to see how you all are getting on with this game. Looks and sounds like fun.

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