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A Short Nature Walk in School.

on October 9, 2018

We went to the stairwell and took pictures of the fish. They are very cute. Then we went to the garden. We photographed some things in the garden: The Fáilte Sign! The Big Pumpkin. The Wormery. The Apple Tree……. Teacher picked an apple….

Luca washed it!

We tasted it! A little sour but YUM!

Nature walk and photos by…

LUKE, LUCA & Cillian

3rd Class

2 Responses to “A Short Nature Walk in School.”

  1. Anna Schomakers says:

    Great photos. Well done boys.

    Luca said the apple was yummy.🍎😀
    and that he really enjoyed everything.

    Thank you so much!

  2. sallinsns says:

    Thank you for you reply!
    Keep watching the blog and we will have more news!
    There are lots of great things happening in Sallins.

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