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Mini-Scientists: What is a Dry Ice Bubble?

For our project we wanted to find out what a dry ice bubble is and how it forms.

We made the dry ice ourselves using a fire extinguisher instead of buying it because it can be expensive and hard to get on time.

We learned a lot during this project. We learned that carbon dioxide is what makes dry ice and that when carbon dioxide mixes with water it makes a solid bubble.

We really enjoyed doing this project and are very grateful for getting the chance of doing the Mini Scientist again this year!

Thank you!

Anna, Keeva, Aimee, Amy


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  How Social Media Affects Our Health.


We picked this topic because we wanted kids to know the dangers of social media. Our favourite part about doing this project was the surveys on our class and showing the judges, parents and kids on the day. It was a great experience for us and our school. We learned a lot from other projects too. We hope we can use all this information in the future and everyone else can too. We would like to thank the judges from Intel, Mrs. Keane for organising the mini scientist and all the staff for helping.

Ciara, Jennie, Amy & Hannah.

Rang a 6.

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Which Liquid Cleans Metal The Best?

Hi, our names are Kieran, Dylan, Adam and Jack. Our project was ‘Which Liquid Cleans Metal the Best?’. We learned that the acid in the lemon juice cleaned the metal the best. We really enjoyed this opportunity to be able to do the mini scientists. We give a huge thanks to our parents and our teachers for helping us with our project.

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Lorcan: I am 11 years of age and I like soccer and GAA.

Cillian: I am 12 and I like soccer.

Glenn: I am 13 years of age and I like Film.

Szymon: I am 11 years of age and I like playing xbox and computer games.

Our project is based on evaporation and how different liquids can evaporate at various rates. We tested these rates by putting different liquids under the same level of heat for the same amount of time.

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