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Mother’s Day Ombré Cakes

on March 27, 2017


We started with 4 cakes of different colours.


Using a scone cutter, we cut out lots of sponge circles of the different colours.

We put the icing on to each sponge and stack them up.



We decorated the top of each cake with icing, little flowers and stars. They looked lovely!


We put them into small boxes with “Happy Mother’s Day”


They looked delicious!

9 Responses to “Mother’s Day Ombré Cakes”

  1. Sean Nelson says:

    Thanks it tasted delicious 😊

  2. Anna, thanks Isabelle says:

    A really nice treat for Mother’s day.
    It looked amazing.
    Thank you.

  3. Anna Schomakers says:

    A really nice treat for Mother’s day.
    It looked amazing.
    Thanks Isabelle and thank you to the teachers who helped the children.

  4. Marion says:

    Well done! Your cakes look lovely! 🙂
    Eure Kuchen sehen sehr lecker aus.
    Das habt ihr toll gemacht!
    Isabelle, dein Kuchen gefällt mir besonders gut! Hoffentlich ist er nicht umgekippt!?

  5. Ole schomakers says:

    Ihr macht ja auch tolle Sachen in der schule ☺🏅

    You are really doing great things in school

  6. Edith Schomakers says:

    Toll, die Kuchen sehen so schön aus. Ich hätte sie gerne probiert. Viele Grüße aus Deutschland von Edith👍🎂

    The cakes look delicious. I would have loved to taste them. Greetings from Edith, Isabelle’s aunt from Germany 👍🎂

  7. Andrew Gillespie says:

    Congratulations to all the wonderful children and teachers for making such delicious cakes. I enjoyed eating what Isabelle gave me (the crumbs). I’m already looking forward to fathers day……more cakes please, please, please

  8. Susan Gavagan says:

    Thank to Ms McNamara for all her help with these. She is doing a fantastic jobs with the kids. Conor had a great time making these and tasted lovely

  9. Maria Gillespie says:

    Well done Isabelle. The cakes look delicious. What a lovely school and present for Mummy xox From your aunty Maria in France

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