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Sweet Scones

on October 24, 2016


We met again on Friday 22nd October and we baked sweet scones this time! Maybe some of you tried out our Herb Scone recipe from last week!

Thank you for your nice comments!

For sweet scones you will need:

200g self raising flour

50g of butter

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

125ml of milk

We mixed the dry ingredients and then added the wet ingredients.

We cut out the scones and then we baked them  for 10 minutes.

We ate  them  while they were warm.

They were delicious with butter and jam.

Try making  them at home.

Tell us how you get on.







One Response to “Sweet Scones”

  1. Anna Schomakers says:

    Thanks again for the lovely photos.
    Isabelle said the scones were yummy and yes, we will try to make them at home.
    Thank you to Ms. Jordan and Ms. Mc Namara.
    Again: Well done children.

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