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Lego Workshop

on April 22, 2016

On the 13th Of April ,we did a Lego workshop in the P.E. hall. We split in to groups. Rob & Nicole (engineers) from  LearnIt , explained what to do and about all the Lego pieces. On the computer there were instructions  on how to build a Lego car. We followed the steps and then about 20 minutes later Rob showed us how to programme it . 

There was a maze for us to navigate after programming the car using the computer. It was a bit like Scratch. After 10 minutes of programming practice we started the challenge through the maze !!

We had to measure the width and length of the maze. Gillian was our math magician for the programming. Ella and Reuben were the people who measured the maze for Gillian, WE MADE IT THE FURTHEST :-)!!!!       It was great FUN :^)



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