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Golfing in School

on April 8, 2016


On the 5th of April, two men came from Killeen Golf Club to our school. Each 3rd and 4th class went to the P.E. hall at different times to learn how to play golf. There were four different stations set up in the hall waiting for us to play golf. At the first station we practiced driving (using a club not a car!!). At the second station we learned how to low chip, we had to hit a ball at an object on the ground. At the third station we were high chipping the ball, this meant hitting the ball high towards the yellow target. At the last station we practiced our putting. We even got off some homework because our teacher had two good shots!! We know we were very lucky to have this experience. It was BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Caoimhe 3rd class & Daniel 4th class


3 Responses to “Golfing in School”

  1. M Keane says:

    Watch out Rory McIlroy!!!

  2. R. Macnamara says:

    Thank you for the golfing lesson 🙂
    Very professional looking golfers!
    Well done.
    Thank you for sharing the Golf experience on the blog!

    I’ll bet some of you will go on to be scratch golfers!
    Mrs Macnamara

  3. Brendan Keane says:

    Great work!! Looks like you all had some fun!! Well done to your teacher!!

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