On Wednesday we went to a Lego workshop.We learned to programme a car to move through a maze of different obstacles. There were two instructors. Their names were Rob and Nicole. We started building the car. We failed half way through and had to start again!!  We then put the controller on the car. After that we had to measure the length of the maze and how far the car needed to travel. Then we had to go back to the computer and programme the car to move through a maze. We had lots of great fun!!! We also learned a lot!!!


Living Lego

On Wednesday, April 13 our class got the opportunity to create a Lego robot car. Rob and Nicole gave us the equipment and a manual to make the robot. There were 46 steps. We finished this in a short amount of time.

After we made our robot car, Rob showed us how to programme our robot car by using a computer. This was a bit complicated but Rob helped us.We then had to measure the maze.

The maze was flat on the floor. We measured the maze then we typed it into the computer to programme the car. We then had to turn the robot on and we got to see it move for the first time!

This was a great experience for everyone , we would definitely try it again!

By Sophie, Orla and David

Lego Workshop

On the 13th Of April ,we did a Lego workshop in the P.E. hall. We split in to groups. Rob & Nicole (engineers) from  LearnIt , explained what to do and about all the Lego pieces. On the computer there were instructions  on how to build a Lego car. We followed the steps and then about 20 minutes later Rob showed us how to programme it . 

There was a maze for us to navigate after programming the car using the computer. It was a bit like Scratch. After 10 minutes of programming practice we started the challenge through the maze !!

We had to measure the width and length of the maze. Gillian was our math magician for the programming. Ella and Reuben were the people who measured the maze for Gillian, WE MADE IT THE FURTHEST :-)!!!!       It was great FUN :^)



3rd class study the Normans.

Third class are studying the ‘Normans’. They have learned lots of interesting facts about the Normans.

Today they are designing and making Norman castles in Ms McKeon’s room and are lucky to have Ms Lanigan and Ms McKeon guiding them.

Have a look at the photographs to see how each group is getting on.

We hope to paint them and finish them next week! Watch this space!!


On Wednesday we went to the big hall and met two electronic engineers, Rob and Nicole. They told us that we were doing something like Lego except electronic. They showed us how to start the computer programming. There were online instructions. We made the legs and connected them to the wheels. Then we put on the brain of the robot and connected the legs to the brain. After that we connected the USB to the robot. We then programmed the robot to go around the mat that had a duck tape maze. This was great fun! We got half way through the maze but then we had to go home. We really enjoyed this lesson on electronics and we learned a lot about other robots that can help us in different ways.

Thank you for reading,

Sufti,  Aoife, Katie, and Rebecca.   🙂

A New Green Flag

Today we received great news that we are to be awarded our Energy flag. Congratulations and well done to everyone for all your efforts. We were led of course by a great Green Schools’ Committee!! What a great team! They have been very active, encouraging everybody to save energy and were a brilliant example to Continue reading →

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Ms. Malone’s class have fun with Lego

Lego Workshop

On Thursday we went to a Lego workshop in the P.E. hall with Rob and Nicole from Learnit. We talked about the different types of engineers. We learned that engineers design, build and test.

We heard that in the Lego factory there are only six employees as the rest are all robots! We couldn’t believe it! We discovered that we were going to make an alligator out of Lego.

First we got into pairs. We had a laptop each and to start us off we watched a little clip about what the alligator was going to do. When the clip was over, we were given step by step instructions on how to build our alligator.

We took turns deciding what Lego pieces we needed and went and got the pieces. When we had built our alligator, it was connected to the laptop with a USB port. We followed instructions and programmed it to open and close its jaws and to make noises.

We had so much fun learning about how to build with Lego. It was great working as a team and that made the experience even better. We would love to go to a Learnit summer camp!


Lego Workshop!

Last Thursday the 14th of April,  we met two Lego Robotic Engineers who showed us how to build Lego which could move! We built Lego alligators which could open and close their mouth when they sensed movement. It was lots of fun!

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Senior Infants Get Baking!

Senior Infants were very busy this week making Gingerbread Men!

We learnt that some ingredients were heavier and lighter than others using a balance scales.

We measured the ingredients, made a dough and cut out our Gingerbread Man using cookie cutters.

While the Gingerbread Men were baking in the oven, we talked about the ingredients and the recipe as gaeilge! We also wrote the recipe in our copies and drew pictures to match!

When the Gingerbread men were ready, we enjoyed them at small break.

They were delicious!

Room 3: A Walk in the School Garden

On Tuesday we went for a walk in the School Garden.

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Ms. Cosgrave and Junior Infants.

Room 3

‘W.O.W!’ Walk on Wednesday: Update

Don’t forget tomorrow is Wednesday again!

Get ready to walk to school!

Get Active! Get Fit! Your Body Needs It!

Here are the numbers for last week’s W.O.W!

Golfing in School


On the 5th of April, two men came from Killeen Golf Club to our school. Each 3rd and 4th class went to the P.E. hall at different times to learn how to play golf. There were four different stations set up in the hall waiting for us to play golf. At the first station we practiced driving (using a club not a car!!). At the second station we learned how to low chip, we had to hit a ball at an object on the ground. At the third station we were high chipping the ball, this meant hitting the ball high towards the yellow target. At the last station we practiced our putting. We even got off some homework because our teacher had two good shots!! We know we were very lucky to have this experience. It was BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Caoimhe 3rd class & Daniel 4th class


Anyone for Golf???

We had lots of fun on Tuesday, 5th of April when Brian and Justin came to our school to teach us about golf. It was a great experience for everyone and especially for newcomers to golf. Brian and Justin taught us lots of things about golf. They had lots of different stations for us to go to. There was a driving range, putting, long chip shots and short chip shots.

I thought the driving range part was the most popular part out of all the stations. Thank you to Justin and Brian they were very kind to come along to our school to teach us about golf.

Paddy and Cillian

4th class.

IMG_9249 IMG_9248 IMG_9246 IMG_9245 IMG_9244 IMG_2805

Working together to enjoy our ‘Five a Day’!

In Room 1 today we made fruit and vegetable smoothies!

6th Class helpers joined us and we made really tasty smoothies!


The fruit and vegetables we started with!

The fruit and vegetables we started with!

We mixed the fruit and vegetables in the big cups. We named all the foods we used.

We added apple juice and yogurt. The smoothies were delicious. Try making your own smoothies at home. Please comment on on blog!

We took photos! Some of them are a bit fuzzy! OOPS!

Look at our Gallery!

First we put the ingredients together in cups.


Finally…… CHEERS!

Junior Infants: Room 1

6th Class helpers

See you again soon!