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For Maths Week 2018 we borrowed the BEE BOT!

It’s great. We worked it out by ourselves… how to programme it! On and Off! Sound! Forward, Backward, Turn Left/Right! CLEAR memory!

We drew a picture of our programme too!

Here is a video of BEE BOT moving from x to y following our programme!

This video was short enough to upload!

Next we used the same type of programme movements to get the Bee Bot to go to the Bank!

We did video this but the video is too big to upload. We need help to edit the video. It has to be shorter! So here are the photos instead. When the video is edited we will upload it!

Click on the BEE BOT to learn about robotics!


Click on MATHS WEEK 2018 to get involved!

Thank you Ms Wynne for editing our video so that it can upload!

THIS BEE BOT was programmed by:

Cillian, Luke, Luca and Finn from the 3rd Classes




Room 28’s Revenge of the Witches and Wizards!

Please comment kindly on our hats!


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A Short Nature Walk in School.

We went to the stairwell and took pictures of the fish. They are very cute. Then we went to the garden. We photographed some things in the garden: The Fáilte Sign! The Big Pumpkin. The Wormery. The Apple Tree……. Teacher picked an apple….

Luca washed it!

We tasted it! A little sour but YUM!

Nature walk and photos by…

LUKE, LUCA & Cillian

3rd Class


Art around the School

We went for a walk around the school. We took a TABLET with us and we took photographs of ART from all the different year groups.

Look at the pictures and tells us what you think!

Photos and typing by Cillian room 28

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Room 26 learns about Invertebrates with Nuala

Yesterday Nuala came to our classroom to teach us about invertebrates.

  • Nuala taught us a new word for mini-beasts: INVERTEBRATES
  • We learned about three kingdoms: Animals, Plants and Fungi
  • She said there are more than 80,000 types of beetles!

Then we went to the garden to find invertebrates.

We made our POOL BUG DIALS in the classroom

Finally we identified the water invertebrates!

We learned a lot! Thank you Nuala

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Room 28 Discovering Invertebrates

We went outside with Nuala and we found lots of invertebrates.

We collected them and put them in cups.

Then we got all the invertebrates in a big basin we named them. We returned them to the garden

Then we went back inside and we looked at other invertebrates on pieces of paper. We cut out the bug dials and stuck them together with glue.  After that we looked at water invertebrates and we identified them using our DIALS!

We all had so much fun.

Thank you to Nuala Madigan for giving us time and knowledge.


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We learned the names of all our water invertebrates!

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We made water invertebrate identification charts! Room 27

Here we are cutting and sticking to make our identification DIALS


Discovering Invertebrates with Nuala: Third Class Room 27 Mr. McDonnell

Today Nuala Madigan came to our class to help us learn about INVERTEBRATES

We went out to the garden.

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Sallins Thursday Trad Group

We now have our two pieces together in the Trad Style.

We start with the Slow Air and transition to The Munster Buttermilk Jig!

Listen to us play and let us know how we are doing!



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Checking the LEGO Room 18

Today we sorted LEGO in Room 18.

First we sorted the LEGO in the different colours. Then we looked for all the pieces we needed. Next we built the LEGO into different designs by following the instructions. It was great fun. We did a good job!

Look at the things we made.


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Thursday Trad Group: Competition Pieces to Practice

We had our third Trad Session today, Thursday 20th September!

Each week we record our pieces! How do you think we are doing?

We can practice at home by playing along to the recording.

Today’s recordings are:

Munster Buttermilk Jig. Up to speed!

Our new Slow Air: Ar Éireann Ní N-eosfainn Cé Hí


Click on the audio file below to practice Munster Buttermilk Jig:


Click on this audio file below to listen to and practice our new piece. We recorded the first section today.




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Today we practiced the Munster Buttermilk Jig:

We are really improving!

Listen to us play.

We can use this recording to practice daily at home!


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“Munster Buttermilk Jig”

Sallins National School Trad Group met today for first time this new school year. The group is preparing for Féile na Sollán 

The recording will help us all as we practice every day at home!

Listen and Play along!


See you next week and we’ll record our progress!


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3rd Class Passion Projects

In room 26, we have been working on creating our Passion Projects both in class and at home over the past few weeks. Every Friday we dedicated the evening to ‘Genius Hour’ where we were given the time to create projects based on something we are passionate about. We were able to learn about something we wanted to learn about and discover new information on it.

This week we presented our passion projects to the rest of the class. From art and scientific pieces to cook books and baked treats along with projects based on sport and animals, everyone designed and made some fantastic and interesting projects.

Here are some of our finished products. Have a wonderful summer!


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Room 3 – Our Year

We hope you like the video we have made about our first year at school!

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The Junior Infant’s School Tour 2018

We had a fun filled day at Stonebrook Pet Farm.

The sun shone all day and everyone had a lot of fun.


We saw a lot of animals. Here is a selection:



We fed lambs

…and goats

..more goats

We saw lots of pigs

…and hens

…more pigs

…and more hens

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Joyful June!

Third and Fourth Classes hope to bring happiness your way this month!

Here’s how!




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Mrs Moreau’s Class: Room 1 Gave Us in, 3rd and 4th, This Garden Art Idea!

How to make a beautiful COLOUR PLATE from a walk in the garden.

We each got an OVAL plate. Thank you Mrs Moreau!

We covered the base of each plate with PVA liquid glue.

In the School Garden we could see so many colours! As we walked along we stopped and collected petals, leaves and flowers on the plates. It was easy, because they stuck on!

We each have a lovely memory of the garden on this very sunny day. We will bring them home as a gift to our family.

Thanks! Mrs Moreau’s Class for the idea!

Posted by 3rd and 4th class garden enthusiasts!

Rooms: 31, 28, 27 and 26

Some of us had time to make a cooling ice-cream cone afterwards!


Green Flag

On May 23rd,  we went to the Helix to collect our Green Flag. When we arrived we registered and were given a goodie bag with badges and pencil cases. The ceremony started at 11 am. During the ceremony about 60 schools were presented with their Green Flag and their certificates. After the ceremony we were treated to lunch and muffins. We had a really good day and are looking forward to raising the flag next Tuesday.

Aoife and Eoin.



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Summer is Here! Visit our School Garden and SEE! It’s Beautiful!

Today some of us went for a walk in the School Garden!

We took the “tablet” with us to take photos for you!

There are lots of lovely things to see in the garden now!

Lots of pupils are planting and nature is wild too!



A walk by Ben and friends……

3rd Class

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Rag day for Bia le Beatha


We all looked great for rag day on Friday, wearing our favourite outfits. The money raised went to a worthy cause, Bia le Beatha.

But one t-shirt in particular had a fantastic message for us all:


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Bia le Beatha Rag Day

Hi Everyone!

Our RAG DAY this week supports the work of BIA LE BEATHA.

We are very happy to link directly to this project and raise money to help.

Click on our RAG DAY picture below to view the video of our friends in Africa. Look out for our teacher Mr. O’Neill and You will see us mentioned too!



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3rd Class are working on division with remainders!

3rd class division

Here is a good tip for division sums.

Use concrete materials!

Each cube is a litre of paint.

It made the working out easy!

Watch the blog for some more tips!



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Rocket Science from 5th class!

Today we designed and made some rockets. We had to be careful what materials we chose. We then took our rockets to the yard and tested them. We had to check that the flew first of all. We did this by using an elastic band. We then had to measure how far they each flew. We had a fun competition to see which one flew the furthest. Our challenge then was to find out why one flew further than the others. It was windy at the time so we had to be careful of that too. Such a lot of things to be careful about. We really enjoyed this activity.

Ms McGrillen’s 5th class


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Ceolchoirm 16ú Márta 2018: Ranganna a hÁon go dtí a Trí

Féach Orainn!

Táimid go leir sa halla!

Lá Fheile Phádraig faoi Mhaisa Daoibh go Leir!

Rang 3: Seomra 26

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Do The Earth A Favour Be A Water Saver.

As part of the green schools water saving committee, we decided to make a slogan competition for our water conservation flag. We asked all the classes to participate in the slogan competition .We gave each class a week to make up a slogan. We collected the slogans and it took two days to pick the winner. All the slogans were excellent but we could only choose one winner which was Tahirat from Ms Wynne’s 6th class.

Tahirat: When I first heard of the slogan competition, I didn’t actually want to participate. Then on the very last day I decided to take part. I came up with the slogan when I was reading book and it said “Do me a favour and save the world.’’

To choose the winner we gathered all the slogans and chose the top ten best slogans. We put a show of hands for the top five slogans which slogans we thought was best. Mrs. Hennessy put the top five slogans on the board. Then we wrote down a number on a piece of paper. Then everyone on the committee voted which one was their favourite.

Tahirat: When they announced that I was the winner I was very surprised and so was my classroom pupils. I didn’t think I’d win AT ALL!!! I was also very happy that I decided to take part after all.


The school adopted the slogan and use it for every announcement and to encourage everyone at school and at home to save water.

Do The Earth A Favour

Be A Water Saver.

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Green school’s blog

By: Naoise, Joe and Matthew.

We are reporting from our mini scientist’s project, the members of our project were Naoise, Joe, Leo, and Matthew. Our project was about filtering water. We then thought that the regular option would be buying a filter, we then thought if there was a way to do it at home for less money and we thought of coffee paper. After that we thought of the idea of using natural resources, and decided on that.

We looked up what resources could clean dirty water, and we found the following:

2L Bottle, which would hold our resources

Gravel, which would take out big chunks of debris

Sand, which would take out leftover bits of dirt

Activated Carbon, which would purify the water

Cotton wool, which let water through, but stopped the resources shown above.


Step 1: Prepare the plastic bottle by cutting it in half.

Step 2: Test tap water using litmus paper for acidity in water and its pH value.

Step 3: Mix the tap water and dirt together.

Step 4: Place cotton wool in the cap area.

Step 5: Layer the bottle with activated carbon, gravel and sand.

Step 6: Place the upside-down bottle over plastic cup.

Step 7: pour the dirty water mixture through the bottle [big hole] and wait for water

to filter through all the layers into the plastic cup.


We thought that the natural materials would clean the water but not 100%, as there is no water like this, there is water that’s safe to drink but even that has some beneficial irons and metals. We thought the result would be around 90% clean, and we were right our water was fine once you put some lemon in it.

Our results for our ph (potential of hydrogen) test was a 7 which is what you should aim for.

Our results for the Nitrite test was 0.1 which is acceptable and safe to drink.

Last but not least, the litmus test on the sample came out light blue which is good. We did the Litmus test on some balsamic vinegar and got orange which means that it was high in acidity.

When we brought our filter into school where we were asked to test the water in the school fish tank. We used our filter to see how effective it was. The answer was that it was really efficient; it helped the pH in the fish tank compared to the water without being filtered.

We have tested the fish tank water on a few occasions to see if the water is pure, some test results were lower while others were higher. It was pure enough for the fish to live in. Sometimes people from the other classes help with the fish tank.

Though the water has been successfully filtered , and looks clean and pure , it does not taste as nice as fresh tap water. The filtering process seems to have affected its taste . However , a slice of lemon in the filtered water improves the taste .

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Jack Frost

1st class in room 11 have been busy learning the poem Jack Frost by Cecily E. Pike. Take a look at our performance.

Jack Frost

Happy Christmas everyone

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MAKING OUR OWN PAPER: Craft Workshop Room 28

Thank you Angela for visiting our class today and making new craft paper from recycled paper scraps!

Gallery of our workshop:



See how we worked










SNOW 2018

Today we took some pictures of the snow at school! We were able to come to school today because lots of families volunteered to help dig out the snow!

A big thank you everyone!



This is what it looked like last week before you helped dig the snow out!

Kevin, our caretaker, took these photographs and said we could blog them to you!




The Lord Is My Light & Spirit Filled Day & Moving On Up! Confirmation 2018


Our families and friends can be prepared for singing with us at our Confirmation Ceremony by listening to these  backing tracks:

The Lord is My Light


The Lord is my Light

The lord is my Help

The Lord is my salvation X2


Verse 1

The Lord is my light,

My help, my salvation.

Why should I fear,

With God I fear no one.

God protects me all my life.

With the Lord what should I fear?


Refrain x2

Verse 2

There is one thing I ask of the Lord that I long for,

All of my days with God to be dwelling,

Gazing with awe at the beauty of God,

And in wonder look on God’s house.

Refrain x2

Verse 3

I know I will live to see the Lord’s goodness,

Now, in this life I’m sure I will see it. Trust in the Lord, be strong and be brave;

Wait in hope for God, our salvation.


The Gathering Song to begin Our Celebration of Confirmation is


Spirit Filled Day

Oh what a Spirit-filled day this is,
What a Spirit-filled day, my Lord
You have called us each by name,
We give ourselves to you
On this Spirit-filled day
What a Spirit-filled day, my Lord
The Spirit gives us what we need
To live our lives each day.

The Spirit brings
Love – the Spirit lives !
Joy – the Spirit dances !
Peace – the Spirit rests !
Patience – the Spirit waits !
Kindness – the Spirit gives !
Goodness – the Spirit breathes !
Gentleness – the Spirit acts !
Faithfulness – the Spirit lasts !
Self-Control – the Spirit cares !
The Spirit cares ! The Spirit cares

Our Recessional Hymn to close our celebration of Confirmation is:

Moving On Up Now …. Out of the Darkness…. My Light Shines On!

Moving on Up

Verse 1
I was blind
But now I see!
You made a believer
Out of me!
Said I was blind
But now I see!
You made a believer
Out of me!
And I’m moving on up now
Out of the darkness!
My light shines on
My light shines on
My light shines on!

Verse 2
I was lost
But now I’m found!
I believe in you
Ain’t got no bounds!
Said I was lost
But now I’m found!
I believe in you
Ain’t got no bounds!
And I’m moving on up now
Out of the darkness!
My light shines on
My light shines on
My light shines on!
Yes I’m moving on up now
Out of the darkness!
My light shines on
My light shines on
My light shines on!


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Hi Everyone Room 18 Here! Let’s Make Traditional Porridge

On Friday, a few weeks ago, we made porridge.


“I thought it tasted glorious!”

“I was in taste bud heaven when I tasted this porridge!”

We had a good day together!

The weather forecast is telling us it will be very cold in the week ahead …. so why not warm up with porridge as we did!

Room 18: Keeping  warm on cold days with healthy options!



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Peaceproms 2018

Last Sunday, 4th February 2018, our talented school choir performed in the RDS with the Dublin Peace Choir and Crossborder Orchestra! The choir sang beautifully and had loads of fun! We are very proud our great singers in Sallins N.S!

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Perfect Pasta! The Italian Way … DELIZIOSOi

Last Friday we made tagliatelle pasta in Room 18.

We started with pasta dough, made from flour, salt and eggs!

Look at our slide show to see how we rolled, stretched and cut the pasta into tagliatelle!

Lots of busy work but well worth the effort and the eating! 🙂

Photos and work by 3rd Class!


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Story time in Room 3

The Magic Umbrella

Here is our story “The Magic Umbrella”. We came up with the story in class and then we made the characters out of play dough to go along with it!

We had a lot of fun. Click on the link below to see the movie! We hope you enjoy  it!

The Magic Umbrella


Peace Proms 2018

For the attention of the school choir!

In preparation for our up and coming Peace Proms concert in the RDS, here are the songs and dance moves to help you practice:

For the Pop Medley (plus moves) click here!

Earth song:

Boogie medley:


You’re the Voice:

Hairspray medley:

Disney medley:


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Ár mBaile-Na Solláin


An Cánal Mór

An stáisiúm traenach

An séipéal


Shiúileamar timpeall na.Sollain inné(Dé Céardaoin 20 ú Nollaig). Bhíomar a lorg ar an h-áiseanna inar gceantar. Bhí tableid ríomhaire againn.Thógamar a lán grianghraif. Tá roinnt mhaith aiseanna.Bhian sproai againn.

Ryan,Óisín,Jemma,Amy,Dylan O’ S.

Rang a 6.

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Ár mBaile – Na Solláin

Jack,Dylan,Ciara and Jennie.

Rang a 6

Shiuileamar timpeall na Sollain inne ( De Ceadaoin 20u Nollaig)

Bhiomar ag lorg an n h-alainn inar greanta

Bhi tableid riomhaire againn.

Thógamar a lán grianghraif.

Tá roinnt mhaith áiseanna aice lamha.

An Canal Mhór.


Phairc imeathra C.L.G


Scoil Naomh Lorcán


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Ár mBaile-Na Solláin

Keeva,Katie,Kieran,Adam and Hannah

Rang a 6.

Shiuilearmar timpeall n.a. Sollon inne (Dé Ceadoin 20ú Nollaig).

Bhíomar at lorg ar na h-áiseanna inar gceantar.

Bhí taiblaid riomhaire againn.

Thogamar (a lán / iomarca) grianghraif.

Tá ronnt mhaith áiseanna in aice laimhe.

Bhí an spórt againn.

An Scoil.

An Canal mor

An pairc imeartha


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Ár mBaile – Na Solláin

●Shiuileamar timpeall na Salloin inné (De  Ceadoain 20u nollag.)

●Bhiomar at org ar na haiseanna inar gceantar.

●Bhí table if riomhaire againn.

●Thógamar a lán griangraif.

●Tá roinnt mhaith áiseanna in aice laimhe.

●Bhaineannar an taitnaimh againn.

Cillian, Glen, Aimee, Jude, Anna


An t-Ionad siopadoreacht agus an staisiun traenach agus an  canal

Ranga 6

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Ár mBaile-Na Sollain

Luke,Paddy, Sarah, Amy,Szymon

Rang a 6.

Shiuileamar timpeall na Sollain inné. (Dé Céadaoin 20 ú Nollag). Bhíomar ag lorg at na h-aiseanna inár gceantar. Thógamar a lán grianghraif. Tá round my with áiseanna in aice laimhe. Bhí an sport againn.

Seo iad grainghraif do staisiúin traenach , an canál ,pairc imeartha.

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Ár mBaile – Na Solláin.


Rang a 6

Shiúileamar timpeall na Solláin inné (De Ceadaoin 20ú Nollag) .Bhíomar ag lorg ar na h-aiseanna inár gceantar. D’usáideamar táibléid riomhaire. Thógamar a lán grianghraif .Tá roint mhaith ais in aice lamha. Bhí an-spórt againn.

An Cánal Mhór.


C.L.G. Na Sollain.

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Our Budding Artist in Room 7!

Last Week, Seán in our class came second place in the County Kildare Credit Union Art Competition.                                                        Seán attended a lovely awards ceremony in Toghers where he collected his prize! Well done Seán! We are really proud of you!

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